Game Improvement

Are you serious about improving your golf?

Game Evaluation

Goal – To observe, discuss and design a player-specific pathway to better golf.       During this 90 minute, on-course session we will discuss and I will observe both your strengths and areas of improvement, evaluate the type of training which will suit you best and agree a development plan designed for your goals.                                                        

(From £50, 1 per person per annum)

Winter Coaching Program 

Goal – To make meaningful changes to your game, ready to play better golf.

  If you want to make changes to your game, then the winter is the time to put in the hard work.  It will need commitment and may feel like hard graft, but it will definitely be worth it. To discuss your personalised golf development programme call or email me now to book your game evaluation session.                                                                                                          (£249 2017/2018)

Paul – Haverhill Golf Club Member said: “Ollie has structured lessons to fit my needs and always delivered in a professional, but fun manner. Ollie has helped me gain a greater understanding of all aspects of my game and dropping 5 shots from 17 hcp to 12  in 11 competitions this calendar year, should be testament enough! we have worked together from 24 hip to 12 in 3 years. Bring on the next winter coaching programme and tournament season!”

Annual Coaching Program

Goal – To make lasting improvements to your game, sharpen your skills throughout the spring, manage your tournaments, problem solve and keep you on track through the playing season.                                                                                                              Do you want to make lasting improvements to your game? This programme is designed to make maximum impact. Covering: physical; technical; tactical; psychological and lifestyle aspects of the game, using the latest training and coaching methods. we will: set goals; track progress; raise confidence and lower scores. A combination of one-to-one sessions and monthly clinics will give you the tools to progress your game and perform during the golfing season. To discuss your personalised golf development programme call or email me now to book your game evaluation session.                                                                                                    (From £25 per month)    

 60 Minute Fix

Goal – To problem solve a specific aspect of your game.                                               Haven’t got time for a regular coaching programme? Try a one-off 60 minute fix. We will concentrate on one aspect of your game for maximum effect and find a managable solution for your time allowance.                                                                                                                   (From £40) 

30 Minute Follow-Up

Goal –  To monitor your changes in technique and make sure you’re still on track. Think of this as a check up. Are you still on track? Are there any other tweaks or adjustment needed to keep you moving forward and enjoying your game?                       (From £25)

On Course ‘Score Better’ 120 Minute Session

Goal – To help you understand how to record lower scores.                                        Playing golf is far more than learning how to swing a golf club. Being able to put a round together, avoid your common mistakes and play to your strengths will be vital to achieving ‘Personal Bests’. We will experiment and discuss the most effective way to score better or simply enjoy the game more.                                                                                                                                (From £60)