Sharpshooter Juniors


Sharpshooters is one of the UK’s largest and fastest growing junior golf initiatives. With sessions suitable for all children age 4-16 we are sure to have a class to suit your child. We run weekly girls only sessions and  mixed skill related grouping. 

Classes run term time throughout school term time currently on Saturday afternoons. 

Girls Only, 1pm – 2pm.

Ages 4/8, 2pm – 3pm.

Ages 9/16, 3pm – 4pm.

  Our SharpShooter programme is a clear pathway for juniors to enjoy and learn the sport in a fun and friendly environment! We have many Play Days, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Fare, Halloween Night, Christmas Party and more… so get in touch and get your child playing golf with us!

Ellis (7 years old) “Ollie is a good golf coach because we have fun together. He helps me to get better and makes practice cool!”

Ellis’ Dad Garry said: “Ollie understands the importance of balancing Ellis training with fun and games but also adds in difficult challenges to keep Ellis engaged but in a relaxed and safe environment.”

Individual Lessons

Junior Individual lessons are tailored to individual learning styles but also specific to learning styles of children. Sessions are fun and game based, whilst incorperating new skills and techniques. Children learn through an active, hands-on style where social interaction and group learning is encouraged in a motivational and encouraging environment.