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 is a fun social golf experience designed specifically for women. You will learn by playing the game, as a group, not just by hitting balls on a range.

Women who have tried say they enjoy the unexpected sense of fun, achievement, togetherness and increased self-confidence

Wendy – Love.Golfer said:

“I have only recently started playing golf and was worried that I would not have anyone to play with. has been the perfect way to learn and improve my game, but also to meet other women in my position. We all now arrange to meet up and play golf together. Ollie has a way of making you feel comfortable during lessons, feel at ease when its going wrong and gives you the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.”

Reasons to try Love.Golf

Fun –  Learning a new sport in the company of other like minded women, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Friendship & Support  –  Chatting as you walk between holes, a glass of wine in the clubhouse afterwards and plenty of people keen to join you for a game – golf has to be the most social sport ever invented. With plenty of time for conversation and fun, golf is the perfect way to make new friends or grow closer bonds with people you already know. The sport’s unique handicap scoring system means that players of all levels can play together either socially or competitively.

Keeping Active – Golf can help keep you active, burn calories, stay in shape, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and research shows it may even help you live longer. You can walk around 4-5 miles in the average game of golf, burn at least 900 calories and will take more than 10,000 steps, you will easily achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week recommended by the NHS to keep healthy.

Lifestyle – Golf can fill as much or as little of your life as you choose. There’s always fun and friendships friendships made through the club with regular social events, competions and parties.

Competition – If you choose, there are always competitions and challenges to focus on.  This may be competing against yourself by achieving a personal best, or playing against others in club organised competitions.

Enjoy The Outdoors – Golf is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside, take it the fresh air, enjoy the wildlife. All this with new friends.