Paul – Haverhill Golf Club Member said:

“Ollie has structured lessons to fit my needs and always delivered in a professional, but fun manner. Ollie has helped me gain a greater understanding of all aspects of my game and dropping 5 shots from 17 hcp to 12  in 11 competitions this calendar year, should be testament enough! we have worked together from 24 hip to 12 in 3 years. Bring on the next winter coaching programme and tournament season!”


Wendy – Love.Golfer said:

“I have only recently started playing golf and was worried that I would not have anyone to play with. Love.golf has been the perfect way to learn and improve my game, but also to meet other women in my position. We all now arrange to meet up and play golf together. Ollie has a way of making you feel comfortable during lessons, feel at ease when its going wrong and gives you the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.”


Ellis (7 Years Old) – Haverhill Golf Club Junior said:

“Ollie is a good golf coach because we have fun together. He helps me to get better and makes practice cool!”

Ellis’ Dad Garry said:

“Ollie understands the importance of balancing Ellis training with fun and games but also adds in difficult challenges to keep Ellis engaged but in a relaxed and safe environment.”